About us

LogMy.World has been created by aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts. We've teamed up to let you build your personal flight log the way you want it.

Both of us founders of LogMy.World are airline industry insiders and aviation enthusiasts. Besides our full-time jobs - Axel leads the Maintenance & Engineering section at a leading aviation consultancy and Benedikt heads the Network Management department at a major European airline - we both travel passionately and have done far more than 1000 flights each.

Our jobs and our hobby have taken us to remote corners of the world while flying on plenty of interesting airlines and exotic aircraft types. Of course, we keep track of all our flights and maintain comprehensive logs & statistics.

We strongly respect the work that's been done by existing flight log providers. However, we were never fully satisfied with any of the available solutions. We saw potential for a truly contemporary and versatile solution and got to work during 2020. A group of fellow aviation enthusiasts has tested LogMy.World thoroughly before our beta launch in Q3/2021, providing valuable input for making it better.

With LogMy.World, we want to combine user-friendliness and simplicity with a high degree of customizability. Whether you're an occasional traveller looking for a quick & simple flight logging solution or a hardcore aviation geek needing a maximum level of detail, we have the right solution for you.

We're happy to share our passion with you and hope that you'll like what we've built. Let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback - using the integrated feedback function, our contact form or via hi@logmy.world.

Welcome on board!